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Maprenderer - Live Map view in Browser!

Posted on Juni 4th, 2017 by NeXus

We implemented a live maprenderer!

No need to download the map, put it in your maps folder, start teeworlds and watch it in mapeditor... This is annoying.

Watch maps easy and comfortable in your browser without downloading the map.

Every map has this new Eye -icon on its datatable. Just click on it and the map will be automaticly rendered and displayed in full screen.

You are able to look around the map by draggin and holding your left mouse button.

Use your mousewheel to zoom in and out.

Its just like in mapeditor, have fun!

Logo - We have our first Logo!

Posted on Juni 3nd, 2017 by NeXus

A logo is an important unit of a website or company.

People should see a logo and immediately recognize it; know where it is from.

Our coorperate design is included in our logo. The colors are: #488bb2 (blue), #d9534f (red), #7ab100 (green).

The Box represents a container you can put all your items in finding on Teeskins.

Title of the website and a short slogan to know what it is all about.

Special Thanks to Index who created this logo for us!

In my opinion he did a good job on it! :)

Layout Engine - Responsive Live Sorting Gallery!

Posted on Juni 2nd, 2017 by NeXus

Teeskins core functionality is to display items clear and sorted.

Our new engine does exactly this better than ever before!

Using JQuery, Javascript and some plugins, which were modified to our need, you are able to display items perfectly in real-time, which means:

  • Real-Time sorting:
    There is no annoying wait to load other pages for each type of items. Just click on the type you want and our engine sorts and filters everything out to your preference with some cool animations.
  • Smart Responsive Layout:
    Our sorting engine automaticly calculates where and how much space there is left for an item based on its width, height and screen-size dimension. This means no matter what and how big and item is to display, it will always fit in our layout! This can be nicly seen by using the search function and get results with more than one category.
  • Color based Scheme: Every Category of Items (example: Mapres, Skins, Maps, Mods, Clients[...]) has its own color and will be automaticly added on top of each item on the item-datatable shown as a thin line.
  • Search Engine - Fast and easy to use autocomplete search!

    Posted on Juni 1st, 2017 by NeXus

    One of our core functionality is the search!

    The big and also clear Search-Header-Field just almost tells people to look something. It is very user-friendly for someone to find an item.

    What do I mean with "fast"? - Well, the searchbar will be displayed on every page so people can have a fast access to it!

    Also the "autocomplete"-function will help items find with names LIKE the search input Query someone typed in. For example:

    "ne", will find items with the exact name "ne", but also items with "ne" in the name or LIKE the name
    => "NeXus", "DDnet_Network", "run_new", "run_stone" [...].

    New Design - Complete overworked design!

    Posted on Mai 28th, 2017 by NeXus

    We overthinked our old design from TeeDB.

    A new and fresh design brings live into website!

    We wanted to make it more modern but still in a tee-ish way.

    Finally we got our own coorperate design with fonts and colors, this will bring a lot more structure!

    I hope you like it :) - The beginning

    Posted on Mai 26th, 2017 by NeXus is online. The new project has started!

    What is is a comprehensive Teeworlds database! We organise and collect items all around the internet for Teeworlds.

    We collect: skins, mapres, cursors, gameskins, emoticons, particles, maps, mods, clients and soon more!

    This Website also provides Tools like an live ingame Serversearch where you can find serverinformations!

    Why - short History

    Our old project was TeeDB - you may have heared of it - but there were some big issues in a lot of aspects.

    The server TeeDB was hosted on was sponsored. We didnt have lot of access to it and that restricted us by doing more cool stuff.

    Also the overall coding of TeeDB was just not good. In almost 2 years from there we improved by a lot.

  • New and faster Server!
  • SSL-Certificate!
  • New Design!
  • Better access, live functions!
  • and more! be patient :)